About MaiestasHaven


The map as it was at the end of 7.7.2

This server was founded in early November of 2018, after the previous admin unceremoniously pulled the plug on our then-current Beta 7.7.2. We recovered our map about a week later, after which Ferchibald, Kobayashi, Ghost, Coey123 and yours truly switched hosts to become hosted in a dedicated server from Praefator’s home.

During the later part of the map, I invited SatsukiShizuka to become our Bank/Treasurer to manage our fledgling server’s economy.

The town as it was during the Beta 7.8 map cycle

Unity Tower, our first attempt at a City Hall

Initially, we had but a single currency, which was both to introduce us to the concept of a managed economy (having utilized a more or less shared resource pile before), as well as test the waters as to how the server economy was to take shape.

During 7.8.9 we introduced further refinements to the economy, specifically to create a singular workshop for our Engineering team as well as make it very convenient for miners to sell their mined goods directly to the mason/smith.

Additionally, it was during 7.8.9 where both Lack and Belgareth1987 joined. Lack went on to become Staff as of 8.0, with belgareth1987 following during 8.1

The National ScrewWorks

The predecessor to large-scale building – Transcendence, a mansion serving as city hall during 7.8.9

As we moved into the 8.0 map cycle, we started dipping into multiple new innovations, being (to date) one of the few servers successfully implementing a dual-currency setup. Whereas before we taxed people progressively more as their balance grew, with the separation of the previous singular Regal into a predecessor (dubbed ‘Minori’)  as well as a mid-game Regal.

As has traditionally been filled by the Regal, the Minori served as the de-facto global currency for the early purchases as well as low value, high volume goods like hewn logs and mortared stone.

As we moved into mid-game however, we created a second Mint for the Regal, which introduced a tax free savings account for the initial tax bracket, and sporting lower tax rates overall.

That is not all however – during 8.0 our first megaproject, dubbed ‘Phoenix Resurgam’ (Latin for “The Phoenix Rises”) was completed, modeled after the Liria Palace in Madrid, Spain. Subsequently, it was heavily featured in followup newsletters about 9.0’s government features, as well as becoming the 15th featured screenshot on Eco’s Steam page.

Lastly, we had the beginnings of a dual settlement setup due to Pater Omnipotens and Djehuty opting to settle on the continent of Rustica while adopting the central city’s currencies and laws.

The 8.0 palace, modeled after the Liria Palace in Madrid, Spain

Innovation-wise, the Beta 8.2 map has had some refinements – all prices were multiplied by 10 so as to be able to balance prices more easily, especially for food as it has traditionally been a weak point.

Additionally, due to the inclusion of the Industrial Elevator, we have been able to refine the public mine to be much better looking. Where before we had to dig ramps all the way down to bedrock (with associated long travel times), this map saw a system of elevators in a lobby, designed for bedrock, granite and (initially) iron ore mining, of which the latter was scrapped in favor of a short ramp down to the ideal iron ore depth in the desert.

While we haven’t been able to succesfully replicate a multi-town system during our Beta 8.2 map cycle, we had anticipated Beta 9.0 to enable multiple towns to spring up across the world much more easily, each with their own set of currency/currencies, laws and governmental system(s).

The map as of Day 40 of the 8.2 map cycle

Imperial Mine Lobby

The Palais du Rhin in all its completed glory

While we did end up with two distinct cities of “Dwarves versus Elves”, with the Dwarven capital of Durmgrist and the Elven city of Mingyang, ultimately due to player dropoff over the course of the map both cities worked together as two halves to see the map through to completion.

This additionally meant that the very ambitious central palace of this round, a recreation of Amsterdam’s “Paleis op de Dam” was never completed on the production server. Nonetheless, below are pictures of how it would have looked, had it been completed

The 9.0 Palace under construction


Paleis op de Dam – Front View

Paleis op the Dam – Overview

During Beta 9.2, we introduced the concept of an Apprenticeship Program alongside our Leapfrogging Initiative, where new players are paired with a veteran of the same profession, teaching them the ropes, provide lodging and experience bonuses, as well as provide the opportunity to set off on their own if they so choose.

Something we’re especially proud of, as we firmly believe we prosper when all prosper, regardless of when someone may join a server. In other words, we openly reject the idea that joining a server late is not worth doing. Allow us to show you! 🙂

Our spawn town as it appeared during Beta 9.2. Notice the public housing near the bottom

During Beta 9.4, we expanded upon the Apprenticeship Program by additionally putting in measures to give everyone a fair shot at gaining housing XP, by building out several apartment-sized houses the government rented out to interested parties.

The 9.4.x map, as it ultimately looked

As of the time of writing, our most recent map was during the Beta 9.7.x days, where we made another significant change to the way our maps had been setup. While before we liked to pre-plan a lot and prepare our new map based off of the previous map, this time we went with a much more free-form approach, where only the basis for a street network was provided, but otherwise the entirety of the map was up to the players themselves to fill in. By the end of the map, we were featured by SLG, as seen here!

This map additionally sparked a discussion on the role of groups and the power they hold over individual players seeking to compete in the same space. Ultimately it was decided that as of Beta 10.0, groups would be encouraged to find their own island so as to provide more opportunity for individuals to shine, in addition to having restrictions as to how many people could share a single residence, as well as what professions these players would be able to share.

In other words, to make sure two players don’t vertically integrate by becoming their own (only) supplier and/or being able to process the next item in the chain to a finished product, so no farmer/hunter + chef, or smith + engineer. Of course, influence is not going to be global by default anymore, so those who do want to vertically integrate should take heed of which town(s) support such a policy or seek to found a town supporting that.

The 9.7 City Hall with its gardens

9.7 Overview shot

The Meteor Destruction System, based off of the Lighthouse of Alexandria (Pharos)

The latest iteration of Satsuki Tower

With the launch of Beta 10.0 fast approaching, we can’t wait to create new stories! Will you be a part of that?


The server was founded on several principles, aimed at providing a bastion of organization among the abundance of less organized, chaotic servers and/or servers with malicious admins/server owners. We observe the following principles, which we ask everyone to acknowledge:

1. Merit: We require a world in which every player gets an equal chance to succeed both in game (and where possible) in life.
2. Freedom: Without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status
3. Equality of Opportunity: The end of nepotism, cronyism, discrimination, privilege and unequal chances
4. Dignity: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights
5. Psychological well-being: All players should be free from any isolationist, anti-social, intolerant views towards each other.
6. Reason/Logic: All human beings are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brother/sisterhood.
7. Quality: There should be no distinction between a veteran, nor a new player when it comes to access to skill scrolls, nor the ability to learn new skills in their endeavours to improve themselves.
8. Creativity: Education is the key to equal opportunity for every player and a progressive society.
9. Aspiration: Everyone should be allowed the chance to learn and do new things, including switching around professions between maps, or to adapt their specialties to fit a multitude of towns
10: Community: To provide friendship, companionship, and a secure, nurturing, supportive environment for every member of the community


What does equality of opportunity mean?

It means that regardless of who you are, whether you’re a new player and just starting out, an experienced player seeking a more organized world or a veteran of our server and have been with us for a long time, you get the same treatment wherever you go.

1. No nepotism: It’s not where you come from, or what relation(s) you have with an existing player, but who you are.
2. No cronyism: It’s not what others can do for you, it’s what you can do.
3. No discrimination: Sex, race, religion, age, background are irrelevant. Your talent(s) are everything.
4. Equal opportunities: You start from the same point as everyone else, and you go as far as your talents take you
5. Rewarding merit: The highest rewards for the highest achievers.